Example 2.1 HTML Template

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Example 2.1: Zoom and Pan Controls

Map Mode:
Map Control:

The interesting part in this bit of code are the tags, i.e. [zoom_1_select]. When MapServ sees a tag like this, it will evaluate whether the value ("1") is selected or not. And if it is selected, MapServ will mark this option as "selected". Again, go to example 2.1 and "view" the code. The "Recenter" option should be "selected" (so that when we submit the form again, the value of "zoom" will be "1").

Our last tag is the "[img]" tag. As you'll notice it is part of the form's input object. The "[img]" will be replaced with the fullpath and name of the MapServ generated image.

Once MapServer has replaced all the tags, it will send a proper HTML form back to the browser. And the user will again be able to make changes.

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